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The correct maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic oil cylinder

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2018-07-18 09:45:18

First, the hydraulic cylinder in the use of the process should be regular replacement of hydraulic oil, cleaning system filter, to ensure cleanliness, prolong the service life. Second, the hydraulic cylinder in each use, the full extension of the full contraction of the commissioning of the 5-stroke and then carry the load run.

Why do you do that? This can exhaust the system in the air, preheat the system, can effectively avoid the system in the presence of air or water in the hydraulic cylinder cylinder caused by gas explosion (or coke burning) phenomenon, which will damage the seals, resulting in hydraulic hydraulic power unit leakage and other failures.

Third, the control of the system temperature, high oil temperature will reduce the service life of seals, long-term oil temperature so that seals occur permanent deformation, or even complete failure.

Four, protect good piston rod outer surface, prevent bump and scratch damage to seals, often clean hydraulic cylinder dynamic seal dust ring and bare piston rod on the sand, to prevent sticking to the surface of the piston rod is not easy to clean the dirt into the hydraulic oil cylinder internal damage

Wound piston, cylinder or sealing parts.

V, often check the thread, bolts and other connection parts, found loose immediately fastening good. Six, often lubricate the joint parts, to prevent the oil-free rust or abnormal wear.

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