about us

Ningbo Jant Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.was established in 2002 by two young men with enthusiasm on motors’design and production. The company is developing gradually these years and focused on supplying professional solutions about small electrical appliance motors.The company main product is Pellet stove auger motor,Shaded pole motor(YJ48,YJ58,YJ61),Synchronous motor,Grill motor,stepper motor(24BYJ48,28BYJ48,35BYJ46),DC motor,Nebulizer motors.Those product widely used in Pellet stove,Fireplace,Axial fan,Duct fan,Bathroom fan,Air-conditiong,Massage machine,Yoys,Nebulizer,Kitchen fan,Ice-maker,small househould Electrical appliance,windows Fan,wall Fan,Coffer maker,etc.