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Advantages of Hydraulic power unit

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2018-07-18 09:14:49

The hydraulic power unit is composed of various external devices and a variety of internal devices. A system consisting of three parts, i.e. the power oil source system. This product has many advantages, below we will share with you the advantages of hydraulic power unit.

1, for mechanical products, it is very small noise, this is a lot of machinery is difficult to do, the product due to the use of noise attenuation system, decibels can be controlled within 60 db.

2, the impact on the environment is very small, to meet the environmental impact of the growing demand for low environmental impact has created a record low. 3, low energy consumption. Low power voltage cost compensates for the vacancy of variable flow pump configuration, ensures the low cost of machinery operation, combined with high efficiency Level 1 motor, the cost of electricity is absolutely kept low.

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