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Problems needing attention in the long and reliable work of hydraulic unit power

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2018-07-18 09:52:55

To make a hydraulic unit power can be long-term reliable work, must be in the design or use of the process of careful attention to the following issues: (1) Prevent air from mixing into the system and in time will be mixed with the air in the system to drain away.

The air enters the hydraulic system, may cause the noise and the oil liquid oxidation metamorphism and so on undesirable consequence, must take the measure to prevent the air to mix, and must often mix the system the air to expel. (2) Always keep the oil clean. mixed with impurities in the oil, will cause the slide valve jammed, plug the throttle small hole or gap and make the hydraulic components can not work properly, and make the relative movement of parts wear and tear increased. In addition to the use of oil filters and a variety of external impurities to prevent the installation of the system, but also regular cleaning oil filter and replace Chen Oil. In the hydraulic system assembly, to clean the various hydraulic components and pipelines.

After commissioning, it is best to remove the components and piping, after careful cleaning and then installed. (3) to prevent leakage. External leakage is not allowed, internal leakage is unavoidable, but its leakage can not exceed the allowable value, if leakage too much, will make the pressure can not go up, liquid motive can not achieve the expected force (or torque). And the amount of oil leakage is related to the level of pressure, will make the work of parts movement instability.

In addition, due to excessive leakage, so that the volume loss increased, oil temperature rise, in order not to have excessive leakage of the fault, it should be the relative movement of the parts between the appropriate clearance and installation of appropriate sealing device. (4) To prevent oil temperature too high. General hydraulic unit power of oil temperature to maintain 15-50 ℃ is suitable.

High oil temperature can bring a series of adverse consequences. Oil temperature rise will dilute the oil, leakage increased, system efficiency decreased. The oil works at a high temperature and tends to deteriorate. To avoid excessive oil temperature, in addition to the design to avoid oil heating measures (such as oil pump unloading and for high-power systems using volumetric speed control method, etc.), but also consider whether the tank has sufficient heat dissipation capacity. If necessary, additional cooling devices may be added.

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