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Hydraulic station hydraulic system working principle

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2018-07-18 09:59:44

Hydraulic system will sometimes appear some problems, many customers are more difficult to troubleshoot, this is because we do not understand the working principle of hydraulic system caused, so we have to the right remedy, and strive to improve their knowledge of the hydraulic system, here with you shallow introduction. Hydraulic system is the main system is the hydraulic device drive system, hydraulic unit, hydraulic device, which according to the driving device (host) demand for oil, and control the direction of oil flow, pressure and flow, it is suitable for the main engine and hydraulic device can be separated by a variety of hydraulic machinery. Users purchase as long as the hydraulic station and the host on the Executive Body (oil cylinder and oil motor) with tubing, hydraulic machinery can achieve a variety of prescribed action, work cycle. Hydraulic station is a combination of pump device, integrated block or valve combination, fuel tank and electric box. The functions of the components are as follows: Pump device-equipped with motor and oil pump, it is the power source of hydraulic station, the mechanical energy can be converted into hydraulic oil power. Integrated Block--is composed of hydraulic valve and channel body combination. It to the hydraulic oil implementation direction, pressure, flow regulation. Valve combination-is the plate valve installed on the board, the plate after the pipe connection, and integrated block function the same. Oil tank-is the steel plate welding semi-closed container, also equipped with oil filter NET, air filter, etc., it is used for oil storage, cooling and filtration. Electric Box------two forms.

A terminal plate for setting the external guide line; One is equipped with a complete set of control appliances. The working principle of the hydraulic station is as follows: The motor drives the oil pump rotation, pump from the oil pump after polish, will be mechanical energy into the pressure of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil through the integrated block (or valve combination) by the hydraulic valve to achieve the direction, pressure, flow adjustment after the external take over the road transfer to the hydraulic machinery of the oil cylinder or oil motor, In order to control the change of the direction of the liquid motive force, the size of the power and speed, promote a variety of hydraulic machinery work.

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