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Cause and solution of motor burnout in hydraulic system

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2018-07-18 10:07:25

The motor is an indispensable component in the hydraulic system, many of the motor in the hydraulic station will often overload the work. Thus the motor burns out of work when there is an attack. Motor burnout will cause the full hydraulic system can not work, seriously affecting the production safety.

What are the factors and solutions for the motor burnout of the hydraulic system?

One, due to long time overload or overheating work, winding insulation aging accelerated, the most thin insulation of carbide caused by the short circuit, interphase short circuit or short circuit, and so on the winding some burned.


① As far as possible to avoid motor overload work.

② to ensure that the motor clean and ventilation and heat well.

③ to avoid the motor repeatedly initiated, when necessary to the motor rotor to do dynamic balance experiment. Second, the lack of phase of work at this time the motor noise is very large, and serious fever, this is also a three-phase asynchronous motor killed the killer, generally work more than 10 minutes burned. If all power supply system is short of phase, it is likely to constitute more than one motor damage. The lack of phase is often a phase or a two-phase occurrence of burning paste phenomenon.

Single-Phase work is due to the motor power supply one phase of open circuit, the elements that constitute open circuit is often fuse burning, electromagnetic contactor bad, power cord disconnected, power unit may be bad wiring.

Workaround: There are many methods and devices to protect motor from broken phase, find a lot on the internet, Xu Li hydraulic introduction of the commonly used protection methods have the following categories: the use of protective equipment with broken phase of the thermal relay of the lack of phase protection; anti-relay phase-breaking protection; 0 Sequence voltage relay phase-breaking protection; broken wire voltage relay phase Protection, the use of speed saturation transformer protection.

Third, the motor winding insulation by mechanical vibration (such as the initiation of large current impact, motor rotor imbalance and so on, so that windings appear loose, insulation cracks and other undesirable phenomena, damage effects continue to heap, thermal expansion and contraction of the winding is rubbed, and then accelerated the insulation aging, after all, caused the first carbonization of insulation damage until burned winding.


① may avoid repeated launches, especially high voltage motors.

② ensures that the vibration values of the equipment and motor being dragged are within the bounds of the rule.

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