About Us

company Anhui Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in electronic Watergate conventional energy and energy-saving high-tech enterprise energy monitoring and management is a specialized agency of the design, development, sales, service and engineering in one. The company believes in "Germany in the first, after the promise" business purposes, Nagon Toshiyuki committed to promoting the reduction of energy consumption and the promotion and application of intelligent monitoring system.      The company developed the multi-band adaptive steed energy monitoring and fault emergency system (QJJK system) using low power data communication technology, to overturn the traditional control model, the use of mobile Internet and Ethernet control and remote control technology, anywhere easy to master all running information, energy saving, performance doubled. In the original energy consumption monitoring platform based on the use of the unique power line carrier technology adds intelligent remote automatic control system to make your management easier. The company under the guidance of national policy of energy conservation, energy, efficiency, adhering to the "people-oriented, science and technology leading the market first, and create value" business philosophy, customer demand for in-depth discussions, the use of leading edge technology for our customers to provide optimal the perfect solution.