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Hydraulic power unit Complex internal organs

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2018-07-18 10:10:17

Hydraulic power unit is actually a pocket hydraulic station, its specific components are electric motors, liquid pumps, valves and so on. And compared to the hydraulic station has obvious advantages, such as light weight, small size and high efficiency and stability of performance and so on. So the hydraulic power unit is widely used in some automobile manufacturing industry and construction industry and so on. Moreover, with the continuous progress of science and technology, its function is also constantly improving. Although the hydraulic power unit is small in size, its internal organs are very complex. Hydraulic power unit is mainly the use of liquid flow to create pressure. When the external lever is pressed, the energy of the machine is converted into a pressure output, then a series of pipes eventually push the piston to lift the weight, then the pressure will turn into mechanical energy, in fact this process is two different forms of energy conversion process. Hydraulic power unit is by regulating the valve to control the speed of movement, when the valve opened relatively large, the more liquid into the body, so that the movement of the organism faster, on the contrary, it will reduce the speed of its movement, so as to achieve the control function of moving speed. More related products Huaian power unit, hydraulic power unit.

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